Sunday, September 16, 2007

Frost and Pumpkin Barf

Saturday morning we were hit with the first heavy frost of fall. A frost that finished off the marigolds in front of the cottage, and the Himalayan Impatiens in the yard. Hubby spent the afternoon pulling them up and tidying the yard. The first of the preparations for winter. Already. Sigh, I'm so not ready for it.

The painting project continued into this weekend. Teenage Boy wanted his room painted orange, and orange he got. It looks like a pumpkin threw up in there but he says he likes it. He better - I'm not painting it again for a long time. I have bedroom number two to paint next, but that will have to wait a couple of weekends. I need a break.

Creatively I've become hooked on doodling, specifically the Zentangle type of doodling. I've fallen in love with my Uniball fine black pen and I use it to scratch doodles over all my journal pages. Even my calendar at work. I'm insane.

My course on Spirituality and Family relationships starts this week. I'm looking forward to a morning routine of reading and journaling as I work my way through it.

Autumn is always so full, and I said I was going to release something didn't I?

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