Monday, March 31, 2008

Little bits of the end of March

Take the whole kit
with the caboodle
Experience life
don't deplore it
Shake hands with time
don't kill it
Open a lookout
Dance on a brink
Run with your wildfire
You are closer to glory
leaping an abyss
than upholstering a rut

~ James Broughton ~

(Little Sermons of the Big Joy)

I got totally inspired for the above collage from Kelly Rae Roberts article in the latest Cloth Paper Scissors issue. Actually I got inspired by a lot of things and I have no idea why I never thought to check it out before!

Got Teesha Moore's latest Art & Life issue today in the mail so I'll be pouring over that the next few days. Such a visual feast and it always makes me want to grab my journal, paint and play. (....There's a little piece of Teesha in the above collage...)

April will find me busy trying to complete my integration project for my Henri Nouwen course. I've been immersed in Nouwen's writings for two months now and have enjoyed every moment of it. My final project is going to be a collage, but I won't post the details until it is complete (surprise!). There is so much flying around in my head for it right now, I hope it translates OK from head to canvass.

Currently listening to Susan Lincoln's "Mother Heart" CD - beautiful.

Waiting for spring.....
* o

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Clowning Around Newsletter

My friend Zura is putting out a weekly newsletter called "Clowning Around", on the subject of journaling and art journaling.

You can read about it at Zura's website and sign up for it here.

When you sign up, you'll receive a free"Journal Prompt Cards" e-book, full of great journal prompts and tips. * o

Friday, March 21, 2008


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Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Sometimes when I set out to create a SoulCollage card it turns out quite differently than what I expected. Like this one. I sat down with magazines around me, flipping through for images, intent on creating a card that reflected a phrase I had been meditating on - "I am the glory of God".

I ended up going in a slightly different direction. I'm still not sure exactly what this card is trying to reflect. I've thought of the seasons - winter turning to spring; of the cycle of life - birth, death, renewal; and finally of "blossoming". Blossoming or birthing the crone (although I am not quite near crone phase in my life).

Today I got my copy of Christine's latest reflective art journal "What is Blossoming Within You" and I read the following which ties in so well to this card I had been working on:

"There is a playfulness and spontaneity to the season of spring, that invites us to join this joyful abandon. We are called to both listen deeply to the blossoming within ourselves as well as to forget ourselves - setting aside all of our seriousness about what we are called to do and simply enter the space of being." What is Blossoming Within You? Christine Valters Paintner, PhD

What are you longing to give birth to as spring approaches? * o

Monday, March 17, 2008


Just a simple little bouquet. A little under $4 from the Big City Store. Not much really, but they look so cheery on my kitchen sink that I can't help but look at them and long for spring.

Sometimes it's the little things that get you through the days.

Lent is almost over, Easter is coming. Winter is almost over, spring is coming. Death, rebirth, renewal - and the wheel turns on another season. * o

Sunday, March 02, 2008


pray with open hands,
emptied and willing to receive.
Uncurl and unclench fists - let
go of all you are clinging to,
hang on to nothing.

You have nothing to offer
and everything to receive.
Be willing to be empty and choice less.

You have made it to here - you do
not need to worry about anywhere else.

I wrote the above at a silent retreat yesterday, in response to the question "What does God want me to let go of?". The day of silence was so very welcoming and refreshing to me. I have been exhausted by words and talking lately, and was definitely ready to enter a room and not have to make small talk. All that was required of me was that I sit and listen.

While eating lunch in silence with about 40 or so others, I thought silence is such a great equalizer. Without listening to anyone speak, I made no judgments or impressions about anyone else in the room. I wasn't basing my likes or dislikes on something someone was saying. Everyone was the same without words. Silence is very communal.

The other great joy of my day yesterday was the opportunity to meet with Sister Elizabeth (SSJD), my Associate Director. We only had about twenty minutes to chat, but it was an opportunity to connect, and for me to get some wonderful advice and affirmation. God is good. * o