Sunday, October 28, 2007

Imagine a Woman - Journal Entry

This is the page I did in my journal for Zura's "Imagine a Woman" weekly journal prompt.

Imagine freeing yourself of the stories you carry around with you that do not belong to you, but are someone else's baggage. Imagine owning what is yours and letting go of the rest.

Knowing our stories helps us to understand ourselves. Knowing another person's story helps us to understand them. * o

Saturday, October 27, 2007

My Gots a New Floor

When my youngest son was very little, he used to refer to himself as "my". As in, "my want", "my like", "my said"....etc. Very cute :)
So, in that spirit, I'm very excited to report that "my got a new floor". In my bedroom. No more old linoleum, with metal strips holding it together, that looked so ugly and never looked clean. and that I've managed to live with for that last 20 years.

My new floor is beautiful, and clean and makes my bedroom feel so much more restful. With many thanks to my hubby for putting it in. * o

Monday, October 22, 2007

Imagine a Woman

My friend and awesome art journaler Zura is doing a weekly series of prompts based on the book "Imagine a Woman in Love with Herself" by Patricia Lynn Reilly.

You can read the first of the prompts here.

This is a great way to do some journaling, maybe a collage, maybe your own poem - based on the week's prompts. Zura will be posting each Sunday, so be sure to keep checking. And if you do end up doing some journaling around it, be sure and let Zura know! * o

Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Psalm of Signs

Frustrated, I plunked myself
down on the couch
and cried out,
"Lord, I asked for a sign.
For you to show me something
on my walk,
something that would assure me
you were there and you cared.
And what do I get?
Nothing. Where were you, Lord?"

And softly the Lord replied,

"My beloved child,
I warmed your face with sunshine,
and sent a soft breeze to caress you.
I dipped my paintbrush in lush paints
of crimson yellow and fire red
and oh so carefully painted each leaf
for you.
With the same paintbrush, I
colored the sky in more shades of
blue than an artist could begin to capture.
I perfumed the air with an earthy, woodsy
scent hinting of decaying leaves and moss.
I scattered a thousand shimmering rays
of sunlight to dance upon the water,
more dazzling than any display in a
jeweler's window.
I sang to you , with the songs of chickadees,
ravens and gulls,
while poplar leaves in golden gowns shimmied
and swayed to the breeze.
I sponge-painted perfectly designed circles
of moss on the boulders and
I whispered words of comfort on the wind.

Signs? My beloved child, I placed them
all around you.
I can not help that you chose to walk
with eyes closed."

@Eveline Maedel - 2007
* o

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Playing with Wax

I managed to get some beeswax a couple of weekends ago, and since then have done a couple of collages. Working with the wax is both easy and difficult at the same time - I think because instead of using a travel iron like most of the directions suggest, I am using my own iron covered in tinfoil and I'm not quite getting the smoothness I need.

The second collage is a bit of tribute to my kitchen - soon to be remodeled after many long years! * o

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Poetry and Prayer

Christine at Abbey of the Arts shared this poem a couple of weeks ago. It was speaking to me this morning and I wanted to share it again.

Forget Everything
By John Squadra

If someone says, "To be enlightened you must
fast and pray all night,"
Have dinner and go to bed.
If you see a sign, "This way to salvation,"
run the other way.
If someone says, "This book is the truth,
you can buy it from me,"
Take your money and buy grapes and roses.
If someone says, "He's talking tonight,
thousands will be saved."

Go for a walk...listen to the birds
and watch the clouds, and leave
your backpack, your Bible and your Buddha
under a tree and hope
they will be gone when you return.
Where we are going you can't carry anything,
not even your name.
If there is logic in the above,
be afraid, it's a lie.

But if you feel something in your chest
as beautiful as the grass beneath your feet,
be your arms
and forget everything
you ever thought you knew.

Source: This Ecstasy

(image: altoid tin shrine I made this summer) * o

Friday, October 05, 2007

OK, Maybe a Tad Irreverant?

Most people beginning a time of discernment, would probably mark the occasion with a new bible, or maybe a prayer book or rosary. But not this chick. I got me a Bobblehead Jesus!

Why, you ask? (if you're still reading). Because, I have a wacked sense of humour and also because sometimes I just take myself a little bit too seriously. Ole' BJ here is reminder to lighten up.

When I'm getting all in pious, serious "oh look at me" mode, I just have to ask myself, "WWBJD?" (or What Would Bobblehead Jesus Do?) Just one nod from that head and I'll be smiling again.

To everything a season. There's a time to be serious, and a time to lighten up. * o