Sunday, June 13, 2010

Summer Reads - Murder in the Pit

"Murder in the Pit" is the latest novel from Erica Miner. Erica's first novel, "Travels with My Lovers"" is a sensual, romantic romp through Europe. "FourEver Friends" is the coming of age story of four girls growing up in Detroit in the 1960's. And her latest, "Murder in the Pit" is a mystery/suspense (with a touch of romance) that takes place in the Metropolitan Opera House.

You might think it would be difficult for an author to switch genres with each novel, but Erica manages to pull it off and each novel is actually tied with a common thread - something I've come to think of as Erica's signature style - her knowledge and love of opera and classical music. One can't help but be absorbed in opera when reading one of Erica's novels, and it's the kind of learning you don't even realize is taking place!

Maybe it's because a murder mystery is one of my favorite reads, or maybe it's because of Erica's maturing talent as a writer, (or both) but "Murder in the Pit" has to be my favorite of Erica's books to date. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. The characters are interesting and well developed and there's just enough plot twists to keep the story moving along. In fact, I so enjoyed the main characters that I would love to see a sequel or follow-up novel featuring the heroine, Julia.

You can pick up a copy of "Murder in the Pit" from Erica's website or from Amazon. Enjoy a little opera with a twist of murder in your summer reading! * o