Monday, June 30, 2008 my email this morning...

Today's poem offering from the Panhala list speaks volumes to me right now:

In the Middle

of a life that's as complicated as everyone else's,
struggling for balance, juggling time.
The mantle clock that was my grandfather's
has stopped at 9:20; we haven't had time
to get it repaired. The brass pendulum is still,
the chimes don't ring. One day you look out the window,
green summer, the next, and the leaves have already fallen,
and a grey sky lowers the horizon. Our children almost grown,
our parents gone, it happened so fast. Each day, we must learn
again how to love, between morning's quick coffee
and evening's slow return. Steam from a pot of soup rises,
mixing with the yeasty smell of baking bread. Our bodies
twine, and the big black dog pushes his great head between;
his tail is a metronome, 3/4 time. We'll never get there,
Time is always ahead of us, running down the beach, urging
us on faster, faster, but sometimes we take off our watches,
sometimes we lie in the hammock, caught between the mesh
of rope and the net of stars, suspended, tangled up
in love, running out of time.

~ Barbara Crooker ~

photo: bumblebee - beside the deck this morning
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The Last Day of June

It's 9:30 in the morning and I am sitting out on the deck, eating my breakfast, still in my jammies, enjoying the cool morning air, the sunshine, the birds singing - totally awesome after all the rain. I love that I have until Wednesday off from work. I love that I have been sleeping in, being creative, and following the rhythms of my own time.

It's mid-morning and I'm making another cup of tea. I am content, and lazy, and still not dressed for the day and I don't care. It's the end of June and it has taken me long enough to get here.

photo - blue sky and my beloved oak tree doing it's own form of sun salutation
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Saturday, June 28, 2008

If this is must be raining...

Lately, it pretty much rains every day. Great for the trees and the grass, both of which are lush and green. Not so great for headaches, and moods, and trying to get outdoors and enjoy the long summer days. I'm starting to feel like the fungus on the willow chair..... * o

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Trying to Slow Down

This is a collage I created that was inspired by my experience walking the labyrinth last month. I finally finished it last weekend. The labyrinth has tiny snails along the path, which is made of chunky wool. The outside of the labyrinth is made of tiny polished rocks. The woman is doing "Tree Pose" - a yoga asana.

I keep trying to remind myself of this image - to slow down, to be grounded like the tree. It seems like I just fly through my days and weeks, and lately I have had very little energy to do more than just go to work and then crash on my couch in the evenings. Maybe my body is trying to force me to "slow down"? I've certainly been giving up a lot of things, and thinking about just where and how I want to spend my time. Slowing down, in this culture, is not an easy task. * o

Creating a Journal - Part Two

The front cover. I like the feel of this journal - it's a good size, and the envelopes make a nice thick paper to work with! * o

Creating a Journal

I started collecting envelopes a while back because I wanted to try making a journal from them. Thought this would be a good time to try it out for the "Healing Journey" course. This journal has three signatures of 6 envelopes each. * o

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Journaling Courses coming up

My friend Zura is offering her "Fun Art Journaling" course again - starting June 30th. This is a great course for both beginners and experienced journalers. Three months of lessons, tips, and a yahoo group to help support you along the way. I learned a lot about art journaling from taking Zura's courses, and she really gives you a wealth of materials to work with. You can read about it and sign up here.

Also starting June 30th - Lani Gerity's "The Artist's Healing Journey". This is a 12-week course using the heroine's journey - an exploration of renewal and healing using art. You can read about it here.

I've signed up for the Healing Journey course and am looking forward to working on that soon. Today, I'm going to start working on making a journal just for this course. If I get it finished this weekend, I'll post pics.

image - spirit fruits - pen, ink and pastel - @2008

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