Saturday, June 21, 2008

Journaling Courses coming up

My friend Zura is offering her "Fun Art Journaling" course again - starting June 30th. This is a great course for both beginners and experienced journalers. Three months of lessons, tips, and a yahoo group to help support you along the way. I learned a lot about art journaling from taking Zura's courses, and she really gives you a wealth of materials to work with. You can read about it and sign up here.

Also starting June 30th - Lani Gerity's "The Artist's Healing Journey". This is a 12-week course using the heroine's journey - an exploration of renewal and healing using art. You can read about it here.

I've signed up for the Healing Journey course and am looking forward to working on that soon. Today, I'm going to start working on making a journal just for this course. If I get it finished this weekend, I'll post pics.

image - spirit fruits - pen, ink and pastel - @2008

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