Saturday, September 13, 2008

Kelly Rae's New Book

"My journey into artmaking happened mainly because I was inspired by the spirits and creativity of other artists. Without their ever knowing it, they inspired me to simply begin. To search for my own creative voice. To collage. To paint. To play." - Kelly Rae Roberts, "Taking Flight"

When Kelly Rae's book arrived Monday, and I flipped it open to the page with that above quote, I knew I was going to love this book. Because I could have written those words myself. Because artists like Kelly Rae continue to give, teach and inspire. "Taking Flight" is simply a beautiful book. Sumptious art, tender writing, well-laid out pages of instruction for projects you can do yourself. I dare you to read it and not be inspired to do something!

Go, buy one now - you owe it to your creative self! * o

Monday, September 01, 2008

She Dreams of Trees

Part Three in the Artist's Healing Journey

That night, she dreamt of trees. In the first dream, she was very angry. A beautiful tree was being hacked to pieces by an evil woman. She screamed at the woman over and over to stop and go away. The evil woman stood beside the tree, axe in hand, and gave her a jeering sneer of a smile. She yelled over and over to the woman to go away, while the woman just stood there. In the second dream, she awoke to look out her window and she saw a beautiful, healthy tree that rose up to the sky. Strong and tall and full of red berries. In the third and final dream, she was in a lovely, peaceful grotto. The grass was green and lush, and the grotto was surrounded by trees all ablaze in various autumn colors - oranges, yellow, reds and even some dark evergreens. She felt so content here - like she never wanted to leave. She awoke with that same peaceful feeling. She didn't know yet what these three dreams meant but she was sure she would figure that out on her journey.

(image - "She Dreams of Trees" - acryclics, watercolors and pastels - copyright 2008) * o

A Cup of Summer

Can I interest you in a cup of summer?

A few of our cherry tomatoes are finally starting to ripen although I doubt we will get many before the first fall frost hits.

There is nothing like the smell and taste of fresh tomatoes! * o