Monday, March 31, 2008

Little bits of the end of March

Take the whole kit
with the caboodle
Experience life
don't deplore it
Shake hands with time
don't kill it
Open a lookout
Dance on a brink
Run with your wildfire
You are closer to glory
leaping an abyss
than upholstering a rut

~ James Broughton ~

(Little Sermons of the Big Joy)

I got totally inspired for the above collage from Kelly Rae Roberts article in the latest Cloth Paper Scissors issue. Actually I got inspired by a lot of things and I have no idea why I never thought to check it out before!

Got Teesha Moore's latest Art & Life issue today in the mail so I'll be pouring over that the next few days. Such a visual feast and it always makes me want to grab my journal, paint and play. (....There's a little piece of Teesha in the above collage...)

April will find me busy trying to complete my integration project for my Henri Nouwen course. I've been immersed in Nouwen's writings for two months now and have enjoyed every moment of it. My final project is going to be a collage, but I won't post the details until it is complete (surprise!). There is so much flying around in my head for it right now, I hope it translates OK from head to canvass.

Currently listening to Susan Lincoln's "Mother Heart" CD - beautiful.

Waiting for spring.....
* o


Yente said...

I love Nouwen (sp?)! How cool that you are doing a course. I want to hear more!

Eveline Maedel said...

Thanks yente.

The course is part of a Certificate in Spirituality program at St. Frances Xavier University. You can read more about it here:

It includes readings from selected Nouwen writings, as well as three of his books. Definitely a great course, very in-depth and well written.

You might also be interested in checking out the Spirituality and Practice website ( - they have a "Practicing Spirituality with Henri Nouwen" e-course that gives you daily email excerpts and suggested "practices".


Big Frank Dickinson said...

Wonderful collage - and the excerpt from Brouton's poem is inspiring.


Big Frank

Eveline Maedel said...

Thanks Big Frank, for the visit and kind words.