Sunday, March 02, 2008


pray with open hands,
emptied and willing to receive.
Uncurl and unclench fists - let
go of all you are clinging to,
hang on to nothing.

You have nothing to offer
and everything to receive.
Be willing to be empty and choice less.

You have made it to here - you do
not need to worry about anywhere else.

I wrote the above at a silent retreat yesterday, in response to the question "What does God want me to let go of?". The day of silence was so very welcoming and refreshing to me. I have been exhausted by words and talking lately, and was definitely ready to enter a room and not have to make small talk. All that was required of me was that I sit and listen.

While eating lunch in silence with about 40 or so others, I thought silence is such a great equalizer. Without listening to anyone speak, I made no judgments or impressions about anyone else in the room. I wasn't basing my likes or dislikes on something someone was saying. Everyone was the same without words. Silence is very communal.

The other great joy of my day yesterday was the opportunity to meet with Sister Elizabeth (SSJD), my Associate Director. We only had about twenty minutes to chat, but it was an opportunity to connect, and for me to get some wonderful advice and affirmation. God is good. * o

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