Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Sometimes when I set out to create a SoulCollage card it turns out quite differently than what I expected. Like this one. I sat down with magazines around me, flipping through for images, intent on creating a card that reflected a phrase I had been meditating on - "I am the glory of God".

I ended up going in a slightly different direction. I'm still not sure exactly what this card is trying to reflect. I've thought of the seasons - winter turning to spring; of the cycle of life - birth, death, renewal; and finally of "blossoming". Blossoming or birthing the crone (although I am not quite near crone phase in my life).

Today I got my copy of Christine's latest reflective art journal "What is Blossoming Within You" and I read the following which ties in so well to this card I had been working on:

"There is a playfulness and spontaneity to the season of spring, that invites us to join this joyful abandon. We are called to both listen deeply to the blossoming within ourselves as well as to forget ourselves - setting aside all of our seriousness about what we are called to do and simply enter the space of being." What is Blossoming Within You? Christine Valters Paintner, PhD

What are you longing to give birth to as spring approaches? * o

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Abbey of the Arts said...

thanks for the link Eveline! Just catching up with blogs midway through my trip. Love the SoulCollage image! I am longing to give birth to new possibilities.