Sunday, September 09, 2007

Farewell Purple Octopus

With his brother happily off to college, Teenage Boy/Man has decided he wants to move into his old room, since it is just slightly larger than the one he occupies now. TBM has also decided he wants his room painted in "Lush Orange" with "Mango Tango" trim.

This has meant a weekend for me spent putting on a couple of coats of primer and preparing the room. Years ago when College Boy was much younger, in a burst of creativity I painted his room with an Under-the-Sea theme that included a giant purple octopus. Thought it was a great idea at the time, but obviously I was not thinking too far into the future to the time when I would have to somehow paint over and get rid of that octopus.

In all fairness to him, College Boy outgrew that purple octopus years ago, but I have not had the time or opportunity to paint that room until he moved out of it.

And so, after three coats of tinted primer we bid farewell to Mr. Purple Octopus, and all things "little boy like" and we get ready to say hello to Mango Tango and the last of the teen years. * o

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