Friday, September 14, 2007

Autumn's Release

I just received my copy today of "Praying with the Elements" a beautiful little book created by Christine Valters Paintner, at Abbey of the Arts. It's full of scripture, snippets of poetry, thoughtful reflections and stunning photos and I highly recommend it.

While flipping through it at lunch time I was caught by this quote:

"This earth we are riding keeps trying to tell us something with it's continuous scripture of leaves." - William Stafford

Maybe it's because it is the fall season that this quote stood out for me. Christine writes, "I love the image of the scripture of leaves that Stafford offers - what if we were to consider the changing trees as sacred text where the Holy One is revealed to us in new ways each season? What if we followed the invitation of each season - spring's emerging, summer's fullness, autumn's release, and winter's rest?"

What indeed. Kind of makes you pause a moment and really look at the landscape as you are rushing out the door in the afternoon. And "autumn's release" - what am I releasing? I always seem to take on so much more in the fall, and I know it drains my energy until I long for winter's rest.

This weekend I'll be spending time reflecting on creating a Rule of Life, and I know I'll be looking at what I need to release this autumn. And I hope the cold, wet weather we'v been experiencing lately subsides for awhile so I can get outside and read the scripture of leaves.

Photo: Night Sky - Sault. Ste Marie, Michigan - taken by Charlie Maedel * o

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