Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dreaming of Beeswax

I've got the creative itch to do a collage in beeswax - a technique I haven't tried yet. I've got the idea, know what I want to put on it and am antsy to try it. So what's stopping me? Lack of beeswax. See, in my small town you can't just run to the local craft store and buy whatever. Now there are plenty of people here who will tell you to "mind your own beeswax" and several more who can't resist the urge to stick their nose in to your beeswax, but actual, authentic beeswax is not to be found. And so I will have to hold off until I can make the next trip to the Big City to stock up on supplies..(sigh). Until then, I'm dreaming of beeswax. * o

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