Friday, March 19, 2010

The Next Chapter - Happy Friday!

If you're wondering exactly what The Happy Book is all about, check out this great video on the blog.

For me, I'm just happy that it's Friday and I'm relaxing and watching a movie with TeenBoy. Last weekend I had a splurge of cleaning energy and rearranged the livingroom. Now it feels larger, cleaner and more spacious in here and I'm enjoying that energy. I'm looking forward this weekend to having some "creative time" to myself!

What made you happy this week? * o


Ginny said...

I love when I rearrange something and it feels bigger. Space is something I seem to enjoy. Have a wonderful weekend.

Lisa @sacred circle said...

Enjoy your creative time!!!! I look forward to hearing about more of happy moments in the coming weeks... here's to lots of 'em!