Sunday, March 07, 2010

Eyes of the Heart - Week Two - Shadows

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This week in the "Eyes of the Heart" course we have been working with and talking about shadows. Often we think of shadows as dark and dangerous places. We talk of the "shadow side" of our personalities - those traits we have that are less than pleasant. Scary things hide in the shadows. Shadows are the opposite of light. Jen Louden, the Comfort Queen, often talks about "shadow comforts", those things that we do to avoid being creative or following our passions - like surfing the net, endlessly checking email or watching TV. Not essentially bad things on their own, but when used for avoidance, well then not so good.

Today when I was out on my walk, I turned the corner from the very bright sunshine and onto a shadier section of the sidewalk. The coolness of the shade hit my face, and I realized that sometimes shadows are necessary. They provide a place to rest and restore, a chance to lick our wounds and heal if we need to do.

The key, I think, is knowing when we are using the shadow to heal and when we are using it to just hide and not deal with things. And the next step is knowing when it is time to come out of the shadow and back into the sunshine.

From Random

(top photo: "Chalice in Sunlight", bottom photo: "Me and My Shadow") * o

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