Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Eyes of the Heart - Week One

I am currently taking part in Christine Valters-Paintner's online class "Eyes of the Heart - Photography as a Contemplative Practice" so for the next six weeks I'll be sharing some of my images from this course and some thoughts on the process.

Last week was "Week One" and the assignment was to take a contemplative walk around your neighborhood, allowing yourself to be led in whatever direction you feel you should go with no definite purpose or place to get to. Along the way, I was to notice what my eye was drawn to, to receive the image with my camera, and then to pick some of the photos to share and reflect on.

One image that really caught my attention was this one:

From Random

Leave One Lane Open. Leave yourself open, don't fill up on too many things. Don't keep yourself so busy you can't breathe. After all you can't breathe if you are not open. * o

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