Sunday, January 08, 2006

Cats Do it Better

I love cats, I confess (sorry, Trixie). Which is why I'm thrilled that this month's free book giveaway at Pink Jasper, is a copy of "Cats Do it Better Than People", an anthology compiled by Theresa Mancuso. Cat's do what better, you ask? You'll have to check out the book for the answer to that!

Entering the draw is easy - send an email to, and put "Contest Entry" in the subject line. Presto - you're entered! Along with a copy of the book, you can win some delightful souvenirs from Yorkshire, England courtesy of my friend and fellow writer, Jackie Brooks.

Mention my tabby cat, Salem, in your email and you'll get two entries in the draw - doubling your chances to win!

Meow and good luck!

(Shameless plug - while you are checking out the contest details at the Pink Jasper website, why not check out our book "Pink Jasper - Gems from the Journey"? Stories of faith, hope, love, grief and healing - there's something in this book everyone can relate to) * o

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