Saturday, March 11, 2006


I luvs Easter Eggs! Some of these are my own creation, and some are pysanky and others I have collected. I love Faberge Eggs too - but those are a little out of my budget.

Update on Spring Fever: I went out shopping today and bought some craft supplies - have a little project in mind. The sunshine was soon replaced by dark clouds. We've had thunder, lightening, hail, rain, snow and wind. The whole gamut. The dog is pacing restlessly. It's a good night to have a hot bath and hunker down with a good book. Maybe I'll finish The Eyre Affair. But first, another egg picture:

* o


Queen Jaw Jaw said...

Okay, I'm probably the only person who will admit it, but I had to "google" Pysanky to see what it was. WOW. I had no idea you were so talent! I read alot about it and I only have one question. On all the pages I followed telling about the crafts origin and the "how-to" pages, NOBODY said whether or not the egg was empty, or if it still had a chick inside.



Eveline Maedel said...

Silly rabbit, chicks are for kids!! (grin)

Traditionally, pysanky are left whole and varnished. They need to be stored where air can get at them, and turned every so often - eventually the insides dry up (after many years). (hmm - I think there's a good menopause joke in there somewhere JJ!)

I wouldn't want to drop one and have it break!

Most pysanky eggs are blown out and left hollow inside, which makes them very, very delicate indeed!

Sue said...

Oh I simply LOVED the Jasper Fforde series! The adventures of Thursday Next are a treat. Enjoy!

And I love the eggs :)

Eveline Maedel said...

Thanks, Sue. I am enjoying Thursday Next - I think I'm hooked :) It's a good "escape" book, with just the right amount of quirky humor for me!