Sunday, January 24, 2010

Way of the Monk - Week Three

Book of Hours

From Random

This week we explored rhythms, and wheels, and seasons and hours specifically the Divine Hours and their relationship to seasons and our own internal rhythms. It's been a wonderful creative week of pausing and noticing. The project for the week was to write some Haiku's expressing our feelings and reflections of the seasons and hours, and then to create our own Book of Hours (front of my book pictured above). Here are my Haiku's:


purple fingers reach
over the mountain and sky
inhale the new day


ice cracks in the bay
as the sun's heat grows stronger
robin finds a worm


fullness of day's breath
brings forth energy of creation
hold the momentum


days are longer still
and nights are warm and breezy
we play as children


deep release of dusk
shedding of the old cracked skin
ripe as the full berry


oak tree sheds its leaves
and geese fly south for winter
I mourn the wheel's turn


resting in the pause
contemplate the day's end
where was God in this?


darkness comes early
as bear sleeps deep in the ground
here dreams will bare fruit

In what ways do the seasons and the hours speak to you?

From Random

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Maureen said...

very good Would like to see in person

thymekeeper said...

I like your combination of hours and seasons!

lucy said...

lovely. i attended a workshop with christine and we created our own book of hours. it is a treasure to me. i love how you've incorporated the haikus. well done!