Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunny Days and other ways I'm avoiding working on stuff

"Sunny Days, oh sunny sunny days....ain't nothing better in the world I know, then lying in the sun with my radio....."

Of course, if Lighthouse were to record that tune today instead of back in the 70's it would have to be "ain't nothing better in the world I know, then lying in the sun with my iPod, or iPhone, or Blackberry....etc...." :)

It's been a glorious sunny weekend, and while I'm not naive enough to think that spring is here yet, I do loves me some sunshine. I just came back from a walk with Buffy, my new iPod (she's slim, sleek, decked out in killer purple and I'm pretty sure could save me from vampires..) and there ain't nothing better in the world I know than a walk in the sun with tunes on the iPod and a chance to reflect on my week - the good, the bad and otherwise OK.

The application is in!

I submitted my application to Spirations last week, and am now just waiting for my interview. It's helping me to work on patience, since I always want to do everything right now. I'm looking forward to this next step in the journey, even though I'm also freaking out about whether I've made the right choice or can do this. Repeat to self: "I can do this. It will be OK."

Love to hear the Robin going Tweet, Tweet, Tweet!

Twitter. I need a Twitter intervention. I'm spending so much time on there lately that Facebook has called up asked me if we're still friends. Seriously. But I've met a bunch of cool people, or "Tweeps" so it's not all bad!

I can't see clearly now...

Little floaters in my eye,
You're so annoying when you pass by...

Last month the vitreous fluid in my left eye began to detach - which is apparantly a common occurence and not too serious, but has caused several large floaters to take up residence in my eyeball and not leave. My optometrist originally said 7-10 days and things would settle down. Friday he said the good news was no retinal tears, but the floaters are around to stay. Eventually I'm supposed to get used to it. Meanwhile, if you pass by me and I'm randomly swatting non-existence things around my head just ignore me. Can't wait for blackfly season.

Because if Havi said jump off a bridge....

Jewish cookies. I heart Havi Brooks and am a big fan of the work she, and that adorable duck of hers, does. Such a big fan that she has me twirling my arms around my head in some bizarre sort of "do it wrong to get it right" yoga called Shiva Nata, regularly stretching with what she calls non-sucky yoga, and adding to my vocabulary with words like "biggification" and "stuckify". So when Havi mentioned these cookies called "hamentaschen" (or Havi's cookies in my house because I can't pronounce that) I thought, "those look delicious, I'm going to make some". I'm not even sure I like figs, but whatever I had to make them. So that is what I spent most of yesterday doing. Trying to make those damn cookies. See it looked easy enough on the blog, but I'm pretty sure that was just some trick of Havi's now, like Shiva Nata. It's the cookie form of Shiva. Anyway, as I was desparately trying to get my crumbling cookie dough to roll out, the countertop covered in flour and cookie bits, remembering finally that I don't like to make cookies, my husband smirks and asks "where did you say you got that recipe from again?" I wanted to answer that I was pretty sure it was channelled from the seventh circle of Hell or something, but I just mumbled "Havi's blog" and kept on rolling. Bless his heart, he gave me that patient "my wife and her crazy ideas" look and didn't say much more. My cookies look nothing like the ones pictured on Havi's blog (note to self: look at the picture next time). But, here's the thing, they are good. I mean really, really good. These are like the best cookies I've eaten! I'll bet the ones she makes are even better. Curse you Havi and your precocious ducky Selma! Check out Havi's blog, but for God's sake, stay away from the cookies!

Hmmm....I think it's time for a cookie break! * o


isabeljoelyblack said...

I'm glad you're getting into Shiva Nata! I love it to bits. And at last I've found your blog :-)

Eveline Maedel said...

Mz. CharmQuark I'm so glad you stopped by! And ya, Shiva Nata - it's currently a love/hate relationship - kinda like the bad boy from the wrong side of the tracks that you just can't stay away from LOL :)

Ezra Brooks said...

Twitter's not all bad. It may be a timesuck, but it's also partially how I started my blog, and how I found your blog. There is community everywhere, just keep your eyes open (floaters be darned). And cookies! It seems like spring is, indeed, just around the corner.

Eveline Maedel said...

No Ez (can I call you Ez?) - Twitter's not all bad - lots of great people there! And boy I hope spring is around the corner, it's been a long winter :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the application Eveline!!!!