Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Poetry Moment


By what are you saved? And how?
Saved like a bit of string,
tucked away in a drawer?
Saved like a child rushed from
a burning building, already
singed and coughing smoke?
Or are you salvaged
like a car part -- the one good door
when the rest is wrecked?

Do you believe me when I say
you are neither salvaged nor saved,
but salved, anointed by gentle hands
where you are most tender?
Haven't you seen
the way snow curls down
like a fresh sheet, how it
covers everything,
makes everything
beautiful, without exception?

~ Lynn Ungar ~

(Blessing the Bread)
* o


lucy said...

thank you for sharing this beautiful poem!

what's cordelia been up to lately?

Eveline Maedel said...

Hi lucy!
You're welcome :) Oh, Cordelia's not too far away, in fact she dared me to go ahead and post today!