Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Who the Heck Stole Spring?

Woke this morning to a cold, windy, wet and flurry-ing type of day - bleck! When is it going to warm up and be spring???

At least I had a creative and relaxing weekend. Spent some time working on my art course, and also playing with polymer clay and doing some collages. Worked part of the time at the kitchen table and the rest of the time in the cottage. It is so wonderful to be out there again, in my own space. Restores my sanity.

There are a lot of artists blogs and books that are fueling my creativity these days. Thought I'd share a few of them here:

  • Mixed Media Mosiacs - Laurie Mika - I'm not only a fan of Laurie's work, showcased throughout, but I love how well the techniques are photographed and how clear the instructions are, something a beginner like myself can truly appreciate.
  • Making Connections - Susan Lenart Kazmer - I didn't even know what a "cold join" was until I got this book. Beautifully photographed and one of those books you pick up just to flip through the pictures and admire the work.
Magazines I Must Have
  • Art and Life - www.teeshamoore.com
  • Cloth, Paper, Scissors
  • Somerset Studio
Artists Who Inspire, Challenge and just generally Make Me Envious
Great websites for art and supplies
Books ordered and soon to be drooled over
  • Secrets of Rusty Things - Michael de Meng
  • Taking Flight - Kelly Rae Roberts

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Hill Country Hippie said...

It's so hard for me to believe that some of you are still waiting for spring, when it's so over and done with down here in Texas (we're already hitting triple digits). Love your blog! Must share it with my three muses at our weekly get together tomorrow. We love all things creative.

Keep on Blogging,
Becky Lane (a fellow blogger and SCN member)

Eveline Maedel said...

Thanks Becky!

Although I dream of triple digit warmth, I admit I'd only be able to handle a day of that hot stuff - I'll settle for something mid-70's to low 80's though!

Abbey of the Arts said...

thanks eveline, I am honored to be on a list with so many other inspiring artists!

warm blessings to you, Christine

ByJane said...

got here via your comment on hill country hippie: "the elusive balance...as one who hops from writing to collage to whatever next project catches my eye, I have trouble with "balance"
I so relate, but judging by your photos, you are a lot more successful at the balance than I am.