Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Standing.....ready to go in

Despite an onslaught of wet weather I managed to walk the labyrinth three times over the weekend. Each time, it took until I reached center to unwind my mind. The twists, the turns, getting closer to center and then further away were physical metaphors of my life's journey and my spiritual one. Sometimes, I felt like I'd never get to the center. Once, I got to center quickly and then walking out it seemed to take forever.

At center, I felt grounded and peaceful. I wanted to spend a long time in the center, but there was always a time issue or a weather issue and I felt like I needed to leave. Again, much like my life - I want to spend more time centered by there is always something else needing to be done, someplace else I need to go to.

Around me the birds sang, the squirrels squawked and the trees rustled. I found the most beautiful snails along the path - beige/brown shells that spiraled and wound themselves tight to center. They were probably out enjoying the damp bark of the path and the wet weather because on the last morning, when it was drier, I didn't see any.

Grounded and strengthened. God is good. * o

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