Sunday, January 11, 2009

How To Stay Calm......

As part of the pre-launch into her "Comfort During Uncertain Times" virtual retreat, the awesome Comfort Queen, Jennifer Louden, has been featuring a series of blog postings offering some sage advice on comfort and fear and worry and all those other things that keep us from breathing slow and natural :)

Today, Jen is featuring "How to Stay Calm When the Whole World is Worrying". Learn how to spread some happiness and calm and download a free audio.

Here's some more info on the virtual retreat - it promises to be a great weekend at a very affordable price - join me?

Looking to find calm, comfort and confidence in these uncertain times? Join 10 bestselling authors, speakers and teachers at the "Comfort Queen's" 2009 Virtual Retreat January 16th-19th and discover how to stay centered and happy in the middle of a rapidly changing world - no travel required! Call in live or download over a dozen powerful retreat sessions at your convenience and get the soul-nourishing support you need to make this year "your" year. Click here for more details. Click here to visit Jennifer Louden website! * o

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Anonymous said... to stay calm...! Easier said than done! I could use a retreat like that! :)