Saturday, August 30, 2008

Butterfly Woman - The Journey Continues

(you can read Part One of this journey here)

On a cool moonlit night in the garden, Luna Moth Fairy again appeared to Butterfly Woman. "It is time for you to leave this garden and set out on a journey - a journey of healing and adventure to discover yourself and your soul's true desires. It will be difficult, it will be scary and at time you will be quite lost. You will be traveling the Shadowlands of Your Soul. But at the end of the journey will be a great reward. You will have a helper along the way. Fox has decided to accompany you. She will not interfere but she will provide advice and wisdom as needed. She is quick and cunning. Not everyone you meet along the way will help you or can be trusted. You may need to rely on Fox's ability to discern. Now my child, pack up your things, take only what you need, and in the morning leave this garden." Then Butterfly Woman was left alone. Out of the corner of her eye she thought she caught a glimpse of Fox but she wasn't quite sure. She tucked her leather book she had received from Luna into her bag, along with a journal, a change of clothes, some food and a gold, heart-shaped locket. Then she sat down to pray and settle in for some sleep. Tomorrow would be a long day.

(image - collage with beeswax - @ 2008) * o

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