Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mid-Winter Blahs

This week’s blog topic at Artella is heroes . Specifically, who is your hero and why. This morning I was thinking that right now, my hero is anyone who can work a full day’s work, come home and find time to create some art, or write some poetry, or exercise, or stretch their body. The mid-winter blahs have officially hit me, like they do every winter, and I have zip energy left for anything at the end of the day. See, my body is somehow primitively wired back to those ancient days of hibernation. Days without artificial light, TV, computers or other stimulus to keep you going long after the sun has gone down. Days when the darkness came, you hunkered down in your cave or cabin or whatever, threw another log on the fire and rested. You slept, you dreamt of warmer days, and you waited for the light to return. You worked when it was daylight, and you rested when it was dark. You only moved in the darkness to keep the fire going. That’s where my body is at. Instead, my body lives in modern times. Times when everyone’s mantra seems to be “how can I do more?” I get up in darkness, go to work and spend the day under artificial lighting, go home in darkness and try to accomplish more things in a day then can be accomplished. Sooner or later, the body wins. It must have its rest. “Resistance is futile” it says, in its best Star Trek Borg voice. So forgive, if I post not much these days, or create much, or have the energy to respond to an email. My body is craving primordial hibernation and it’s starting to win the battle. And so I ask, is it not more “heroic” to listen to the body’s needs, rest when it is craving it, and return to fight the creative battle another day? Wishing you sweet winter dreams and time to hibernate, however that looks for you. Spring will return eventually. * o


Sue said...

I hear you about the mid-winter blahs.

I will ponder the topic of heroes for awhile. I have many, for many different reasons. It makes me smile just to think of some of them now.

The Koala Bear Writer said...

Ah, how true...

The closest I can come is stealing a nap on the couch in the lounge at lunch hours. Then it's home to the long list of things to do before hitting the sack at a hopefully decent hour... Hibernation sounds lovely. :)