Saturday, June 09, 2007

Sacred Space Continued

"The garden heals. We hear these words and recognize they are true. Those of us who garden see what we do as creating a sanctuary from the forces of darkness, within and without. A haven of serenity, a respite from the noisy civilization around us."
Marjorie Harris, The Healing Garden

The sun shone this afternoon and butterflies danced around the yard. Lots of them too. It was a good afternoon to paint this old bench and transform this wall by the garage into a patch of sacred space. The bench is a good place to sit in the evenings, with a cup of tea, and to close ones eyes and listen to bubbling fountain. The cedar shrubs offer a bit of seclusion without completing blocking the view of the rest of the yard.

Fortunately, I got the painting done before the black clouds covered the sky and the heavens opened up to a cool, refreshing shower. Fifteen minutes and the sun was out again.

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Anonymous said...

what a nice little "oasis"...I have a fear of I would be constantly looking for them ...But I can see where you would love to sit there with a cup of tea...I have a bench in my back yard too, we used to have a pond, but I got it dismentled because I could not take care of there is only a few plants now which were nice in the summer...