Sunday, October 29, 2006

Fall Back......

The wind was howling around the house this morning that it seemed such a perfect morning for pulling the covers closer and lying in bed awhile.

I always love when the clock goes back an hour - at least, I prefer it to spring when we lose that hour. There's just something special about this "extra hour" day that just stretches out before you.

I know - it's not really an extra hour, all things being relative. But it does feel like for one day, you've been gifted extra time.

So, how did I use mine? Finished off "Stealing Adda" - great chick-lit and easily devoured in one weekend. I haven't spent an entire weekend reading in ages. Did some housework, laundry, worked on some course material, oh and spent an awesome hour on the phone chatting with some of my "Pink Jasper" sisters!

There's probably a dozen things I could have done with my extra hour - but lying in bed this morning, cozy and comfy, with the wind howling around the house, stealing an extra hour of dream time just seemed the perfect thing to do. * o

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