Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lessons Learned.........the saga of Heliographica

Almost a year ago, five women writers and myself were in the throes of elation celebrating our upcoming release of "Pink Jasper - Gems from the Journey", published through Heliographica. The book represented a collaborative birthing of the writings of six women who had never personally met, but through this project have formed lasting friendships.

Today, I received the following email from "Team Heliographica":

Heliographica will be cancelling it's operations.

As a traditional title- your rights revert back to you.

If your title made it through production and is in print through Ingram it
will remain in print
until late August and in December after we have
received royalties from wholesalers payment will be made to you using the address we have on file.

Note: You will be able to place bulk orders for books through July 31st, but
effective immediately our website will no longer take sales.

We regret to be sending you this notice and wish you the best of luck with
your writing.

Team Heliographica

I have to say that this really didn't come as much of a surprise. There have been problems all along since the publishing of Pink Jasper. Difficulties getting orders, lack of communication and bumps and disappointments all along the way. We fared much better than some authors though, whose sagas can be read here .

As I think all this over today, I know that this book has been a wonderful journey for me. I met some great women who I laughed and cried with, I cut my teeth on the craft of writing, I learned volumes about the publishing industry, and I have a book on my bookshelf that has my name on the cover. Pink Jasper has opened doors for me, and I know that even as one door closes another will open someplace else.

I don't know the future of our little book. I do know that those who have read it, loved it and I hope that it has blessed them in some way.

This morning I relayed the information to my oldest son that the publisher had gone under and I couldn't get anymore books, and then I jokingly commented "so, no Oprah." He buttered his toast, shrugged, and replied "So, you're only 40 something." I looked at "Mr. Wiser-Than-Years", smiled and said "You're right - try again!".

Never let your dreams die.

(PS - I still have a few copies of Pink Jasper kicking around if you are interested in buying it. Could be a collector's item!! ) * o


Anonymous said...

Evie we all feel this way - Pink Jasper was a labor of love and it's been a real struggle dealing with Heliographica's major problems. I know we all learned a lot through this project...not the least of which was how valuable our friendship is. Hopefully the PJ Sisters will continue with the bonds that brought us together in the first place.......

Everything happens for a reason - sometimes it's a little tough to figure that reason out but you have to BELIEVE...and I know that all of us do!

Hugs, Pam

Poor Mad Peter said...

Publishing is invariably a gamble, especially with small presses. If you want to try republishing, I suggest the excellent Canadian book, A Book of One's Own, which tells you more than you will ever want to know about self-publishing. Here's the info:

A Book of One's Own, by Susan Yates and Greg Ioannou. McClelland & Stewart, 1999. ISBN 0-7710-9063-3

I have a copy.