Saturday, February 11, 2006

Like Wine for Chocolate

I occasionally like a glass of wine with a meal, but am by no means a connoisseur of fine wines, so every trip to the LCBO to purchase wine is an adventure.

I could spend literally hours just reading the wine labels. Not just because I can't remember if it's "white meat - white wine" or what goes with moose burger, but they are so poetic and, well, exotic. I can't decide between the one that promises "earthy tones with soft ripe sweetness" or the one that says it's "soft and velvety with cocoa-dusted berry flavours" made "exclusively for me". Are these wine labels or ads for E-harmony?

And, if seducing me isn't enough, they also make me hungry. There's the wine that I should "savour alongside wine-braised chicken with tomatoes and green olives" or the slightly less adventurous one that is perfect with "grilled meats, spicy salami pizza or lasagna". I am however, staying away from the one that claims to be a combination of "red cherry, anise, leather and tobacco" (leather and tobacco???) Forget the romantic name, they might just as well have labeled it "Grandma's Purse".

After being wooed by several suitors ( labels), I chose an Australian Shiraz. I was won over by the image of "sweeping alluvial plains, rich sun-drenched vineyards and leaping kangaroos" as well as its promise of "berry and vanilla oak aromas." Anything to escape the mid-February blahs!

Oh, and the back page of the winter "Food and Drink" magazine claims that chocolate is the "new wine - intense, fragrant and complex." Mmmm, can you say decadent? Pretty soon the wine label writers will be writing up the instant hot chocolate labels and I'll be spending hours in the grocery store aisle trying to decide between "dark and devilish, with just a hint of mint" or "light and creamy with a fragrant bouquet of cocoa bean and vanilla". * o


Queen Jaw Jaw said...

Chocolate wine? Sounds good to me...bring it on. We drink all win before it's time...what? Oh peeshaw, just joshin' JJ

Eveline Maedel said...

easy girl...I know what the mention of chocolate does to you :)

Charlie Barker's Mom said...

ops! I just left you a note saying I couldn't find your musings about wine and chocolate, returned to the search listing and there it was in black and white: February. I'd love to walk the wine isle with you. I feel the same way about the romantic quality of everything about wine. I'm new to it. The most frustrating thing about it for me is most of the time the wonderful description doesn't include the bitter aftertaste of heavy tannin. A friend got me started making my own wine at home. My favorite so far is raspberry. Anyway, I found it and enjoyed your subject and your writing style very much!

Eveline Maedel said...

Thanks :)

Hubby is into winemaking lately, and so far my favorite has been the strawberry zinfandel. Wonder what a raspberry wine would taste like?