Saturday, July 09, 2005

The Visitors

I was interrupted from my Saturday afternoon chores by the sound of the dog barking outside. Looking out the window, I saw two young couples standing at the end of my driveway staring at our garage.

My first thought was that the moose rack my husband hung on the garage last evening must be a real traffic stopper. Turns out, the two women in the group had just wanted to stop by and show their partners the house their father had been born in.

Enchanted at the chance to find out more of the history of my house, I eagerly went outside to greet them and chat a bit. They talked about their father, and the summers and Christmases that they had spent visiting here. Their grandfather built the house and the garage, that he used to store boats for other people.

"There's a name in the cement of the corner of the garage", I said, "come, take a look".

"That's our father's name!" We all stared at the perfectly formed letters in awe. The date underneath is worn and fading, but as close as we could tell was 1960. The girls figured that was about the year their father left for university. For unknown reasons, he marked the occasion forever in cement.

After some reminiscing, they bid me farewell, thanking me profusely for letting them look around.

My house is about 80 years old, and has only housed two families in its time - theirs and mine. Except for some painting and minor repairs it has remained relatively unchanged. It may be old, and a little plain, but its solid walls have sheltered love, laughter, sorrow, youth and old age.

It is a family house. A home. * o


Queen Jaw Jaw said...

I think its so cool that you all could share the love of the house. If the previous owner of my home ever showed up here, I'd want to share a few things with him too...the bad plumbing, the wallpaper he put up WITHOUT priming the walls, the--what? No, I'm not missing the point, I DO think it's wonderful that memories were shared and ownership was reclaimed, even though it was only for a few minutes. You learned something new, they learned something old.


Eveline Maedel said...

oh, there's a few things we'd share too - the kitchen counter that barely clears my hubby's knees (ok not that low, but low!), the fact that Finlander's apparantly don't like closets because they are almost non-existent.......but, it is fun having a sense of history in your home :)

Anonymous said...

this must have been an awesome experience! a connection between two "foundation"...