Saturday, April 09, 2005

Signs of Spring

Sunlight plays with
delicate purple shadows
and whispers of summer yet to be.
Drunk on languid winter days,
I dream of a luscious garden.

Spring fever is setting in. I'm restless, can't concentrate, and don't seem to accomplish much. (Wait a minute, I blamed cabin fever for that last month!). The top 5 signs that spring is here?

1. Hubby puts snowmachine in the garage.
2. The BBQ takes it's rightful place on the deck.
3. The patio furniture comes out of storage.
4. Kids are all over the place on their bikes, and
5. Dog poo sprouts on the lawn!

Now, if the geese would just start returning, spring would definitely be here! * o


Paula said...

I love spring, too, but I have to tell you that an unexpected huge snowstorm over the weekend was a blessing--one last chance to putter around, bake, and burrow. The sun's out today and in typical Denver fashion we'll probably be getting a sunburn at the park tomorrow!

Eveline Maedel said...

Hi Paula
It hasn't quite gotten warm enough yet for a sunburn - but a wind burn maybe!

Thanks for stopping by - I love the name of your blog and am heading over there now to read some more of it.